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Tour of Flanders 2006

03 Apr 2006

Be it clear: the strongest won.
A sprint with a granted outcome put the seal to a race dominated by the strongest team, both physically and tactically.

The Discovery Channel team took both podium places next to the winner, most likely getting the best possible result, behind the absolute strongest rider of the day.

Although if Leif Hoste, once the advantage gap had reached 45-60” on the most immediate chasers, simply had stayed on the wheel of Tom Boonen, he could have had better chances in the final sprint (and maybe not sprinting out at 300 m to go…)
Or maybe the chasers group with Hincapie could have caught the leading duo, completely changing the game in trying to snatch the victory with several violent attacks.

Instead the Belgian Discovery rider gave the impression of riding for the second place, a result already achieved in 2004. 

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