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Dr. Michele Ferrari is the mastermind behind all training-related content.

His lifelong dedication to sport science and cycling practice makes him one of the most acknowledged and experienced coaches in the world.

Some of the most famous stars of professional cycling chose Dr. Ferrari as training guidance, relying on his knowledge and intuitions to better succeed in their competitive goals. 

Curriculum Vitae

Born on March the 26th of 1953 in Ferrara, Italy, the town where he still resides.

In 1978 he graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ferrara, discussing an experimental thesis about the valuation of the anaerobic threshold in running.

In 1981 he specialized in Sport Medicine at the University of Rome.


For years he measured the anaerobic threshold of athletes in a multitude of sports: athletics, cycling, swimming, cross-country ski, skating, triathlon. And subsequently published as co-author more than 20 scientific articles in many magazines specialized in sport physiology.

He specifically studied the connections between testing and performance; through the years he developed his own training method with regards to endurance sports, particularly cycling.

From 1977 till 1980 he was consultant of the Italian Track and Field Federation (Fidal).
From 1980 till 1983 he was the sport physician of the National Italian Biathlon team (FISI).
From 1984 till 1994, he was the sport physician of many professional cycling teams.

From 1994 till 2012, he managed the training of single professional cyclists, with meticulous attention to physical and biomechanical efficiency evaluation tests, materials and equipment choices, racing and training programs as well as nutritional strategies.

Coaching is Art

As in painting and in sculpture exists basic technical knowledge, in the Art of Coaching exist well-studied and known methods, which are widely utilized. Indeed there are no secrets.

For the painter does utilize his technical knowledge, though he develops his own art from his own feelings, inspirations, interpretations, moods, achieving thus a very unique and unrepeatable final result.

In a similar fashion, a coach proposes his training methods, sewing them onto each single athlete day by day, month by month, year by year, in accordance with accurate technical exigencies, always trying to pick up situations, uneasiness, enthusiasms, sniffing the wind and trying to guess what awaits him right behind the next corner. 


Intuitions rise from past experiences, results and sensations, perfecting one's own art in an endless evolution; a method that never allows to utilize the same solution more than once.

Indeed, an artist never paints the same picture twice.

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