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Tour of Flanders 2005

04 Apr 2005

A maximum oxygen consumption of 6.6 l/min, checked back in January 2002, at 22 years of age: only Miguel Indurain had such similar values, back in 1986.

It was well known that Tom Boonen had a prodigious aerobic engine, beside his excellent sprinter qualities.
Yesterday he confirmed it on the racing field, on one of the most important Classics of cycling, flying the last 9 km in 10’30”, an average speed of above 51 kph.
This after 250 km of fierce riding, with hundreds of accelerations fighting the positions, climbing the 17 “muurs” for a total of over 80’ minutes of massive muscle acidosis and tendons ill-treatment on the cobblestones.

Performances like we’ve seen yesterday are only possible with extraordinary aerobic power supported by well-trained endurance.

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