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The Schwazer Case

08 Aug 2012

I was contacted by Alex Schwarzer at the end of 2009. 

He told me he was not satisfied with the training programs of the last two seasons. 

He asked me to evaluate the work and suggest any changes. It became clear that Alex was training too much: in addition to what was agreed with his coach, he added by his own initiative, 2-3 hours of cycle-ergometer, every afternoon, for 5-6 days a week. 

We developed together a new training program for 2010, with fewer hours of volume per week, more quality jobs, frequent evaluation tests to adjust the intensity of his progress and repeated sojourns at altitude. 
Alex improved rapidly, showing great athleticism and room for growth, although at times he gave the feeling of never being fully satisfied and confident. 

In the spring of 2010 he obtained the Italian record on the 20 km distance, improving his own personal best by more than 2 minutes, and expressed many other excellent performances in various international competitions. 
At the European championships in later that summer he managed a second place in the 20 km and retired for cramps in the 50 km, showing the public a great disappointment that may have appeared unjustified to most, almost a sort of deep inner malaise. 
I've had no contact with Alex Schwarzer for about 18 months. 
I haven't been to St. Moritz since October 2010. 
I never recommended him any doping practice, neither has he ever asked me. 

The information that came out on newspapers in the last few days surely can not come from the ongoing judicial investigation, both due to the secrecy of the inquiry and the fact that the Prosecution is well aware that my contacts with Alex Schwazer date back to the past. Therefore those who try to link the current matter to our past relationship are now spreading slanderous and defamatory news that I can't help but feel compelled to report to Judicial Authorities.

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