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TdF 2008 - Part I

18 Jul 2008

Stefan Schumacher dominated the difficult time trial in Cholet, at an average speed of 49.54 km/h, pedaling at an average cadence of about 82 RPM, leaving Cadel Evans 27 seconds behind (48.89 km/h, 97 RPM).
Supposing an equal aerodynamic efficiency, the German expressed force peaks on the pedals approximately 25% higher than the Australian.

Riccardo Riccò rode his time trial at 45.03 km/h, with an average cadence of 100 RPM and an average power that was 21% inferior to Schumacher’s (always assuming an equal aerodynamic efficiency).
Imagining an average output of 400w for the winner, Evans would have developed 390w and Riccò 316w.

In the first mountain stage in the Pyrenees the group of the best riders climbed the Peyresourde (13.2 km at 7.1%) at 1620 m/h, while on the Aspen (12 km at 6.6%) Riccò pedaled at 1645 m/h, equal to 354w = 6.32 w/kg, with a body weight of 56 kg; the group of the favorites came up at 1573 m/h.
But it was in the final almost flat 10 km that the “Cobra” outdid himself: 11’40” at an average speed of over 51 km/h, with a bunch of 40 riders not being able to catch up wit him.

In the successive stage to Hautacam, Jens Voigt led the selection on the Tourmalet with a VAM = 1618 m/h, while on the Hautacam the fastest was Leonardo Piepoli, with 1564 m/h, and the group comprising Evans, Menchov, Sastre and Vandevelde climbed at 1480 m/h 

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