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Some General Advice

06 Mar 2003

- Illness - 

If you have a fever, completely rest until the temperature returns to a normal level. Then rest for 2 more days. 
The same goes for symptoms such as a sore throat, diarrhea and vomitting (even if you experience these without a fever). 

- Crashes - 

Each crash may or may not have serious consequences. 
It’s recommended that you go to a good osteologist and get a complete check up of your body to determine these consequences. Make sure you always wear your helmet when on the bike. 

- Sores or Inflammations - 

Do not ride your bike if you have sores on your lower limbs or spine. 
It is better to consult with a specialist in these cases. 

- Bad Weather - 

Try to avoid Specific Training Sessions if the weather is cold or very rainy. Postpone the Session to another day of the week. 

- Blood Check-Ups - 

It’s useful to have a blood check-up approximately every 8 weeks, or if you notice chronic tiredness. 
Here are some of the most recommendable check-ups: 

· Hemochrome 
· Iron (Sideremia) – Transferrin (TiBC) 
· Ferritin 
· Na, K, Ca, P, Mg. 

For a proper evaluation, consult a physician. 


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