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Giro 2005 - The First TT

16 May 2005

Strong of a splendid performance and “bizarre” talent, David Zabriskie remarkably took the 8th stage of the 88th Giro d’ Italia, the first time trial.
It is still unclear the reason why this excellent rider is not able to climb up to his potentialities yet...

Ivan Basso won the first battle with the other GC contenders.
He was the fastest one on the climb as well as in the final 17 flat km. He did show a perfect aerodynamic position, although a bit “extreme” for a rider who still has to face 12 stages and many tough mountains.
Very low elbows on the handlebar, compared to the saddle height of his bike, Ivan pedaled with rather low cadences (85-90RPM), pushing high gears and forcing muscles and joints to important overloads.

We shall see if there will be any consequence in the postural balance and muscular efficiency of the Italian rider, even though 2 easy flat stages and 1 rest day should be enough to allow a proper recovery.

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