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30 Million Euros?

11 Dec 2014

Revisiting what had been written in a previous article a couple of years ago, the "pink sheet" journal came out today with a full-page headline: FERRARI (in red, of course) MONEY LAUNDERING AND TAX EVASION: A "CASE" OF 30 MILLION.


Actually, by reading the long article, my name almost never shows up in the complicated "puzzle" proposed by the Investigators.

I would be "inspiring a criminal system" in which I am not mentioned or involved, neither could I be, considering I simply do not know or EVER had any contact, direct or indirect, with the people called into question.


I do not know who Edoardo Conceprio, vice-director of the Swiss Bank of Locarno (where I have never been in my whole life), nor do I know any such Claudio Tessera, a legal representative of the T&F Management (which I have never heard of and with which I NEVER had any relationship, direct or indirect).

I never knew anything about the "image contracts" of the athletes, be they legitimate or fake.


I know Raimondo Scimone as an athletes agent, who contacted me with requests to undertake the training of some of his riders, requests that I sometimes accepted, sometimes declined.

I have NEVER been interested or have engaged in the economic management of such athletes, nor have I ever learned anything about it.

I never personally met the lawyer Rocco Taminelli, from Bellinzona (where I have never been), with whom I had an exchange of emails some years ago about the case of Vladimir Gusev, an athlete who was unjustly fired from his team with the accusation of doping and eventually acquitted of any wrongdoing by CAS and compensated.


I am accused of "increasing the value of the athlete with doping": the first part of the statement is a compliment that almost always corresponds to the truth, the second (with doping) is false.

The athletes mentioned in the case, at the time interrogated by the prosecutors, have ALL denied any doping practice, simply adding to the LONG list of athletes who have said the same thing within the scope of this or other criminal investigations involving me.

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