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Vuelta a Espana 2010

15 Sep 2010

We have seen a fair balance so far in terms of climbing performances between the main contenders for the final victory of the Vuelta:

- Xorret del Cati, 440m of elevation gain at 11% climbed in 13'45" by J. Rodriguez, Nibali and Igor Anton = 1920 m/h (6.40 w/kg)

- Pena Cabarga, 545m of elevation gain at 9% done in 17'45" by Rodriguez = 1842 m/h (6.35 w/kg)

- Covadonga, 1000m of elevation gain at 8% done in 34'17" by Mosquera, with Nibali and Rodriguez just a few seconds behind = 1751 m/h (6.25 w/kg).
The first 8.5 km of the ascent at 9% were climbed at 1802 m/h 

- Cotobello, with 823m of elevation gain at 8% climbed by F. Schleck in 28'50" = 1714 m/h (6.12 w/kg), at the end of a tough stage with 2 previous 1st Cat. ascents. 

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