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A comprehensive list of essential products and tools, personally selected and reviewed by Dr Ferrari for athletes to perfect and enhance their training and racing.


Secret Training - Stealth Isotonic Energy Gels

I met Tim LAWSON, founding partner of Science in Sport and now Secret Training, a dozen years ago: a strong and passionate amateur cyclist who joined many of the Training Camps organized by myself and in the past, introducing and making me appreciate the quality and originality of his innovative products.


Being actively involved in numerous training camps with top-level professional cyclists allowed him to consistently conceive, develop and present new products, which have spread rapidly among pro riders.


The Isotonic Gels provide 22g of rapid assimilation CHO, which do not require the simultaneous intake of water and are always well tolerated from a gastrointestinal point of view.


A cyclist or triathlete, engaged in an intensive M-S effort, should take a Gel sachet approximately every 20 minutes; if the intensity is lower, a gel every 40-60 minutes is enough.

Runners use it in races without problems too.


Some Stealth Gel variations come with caffeine (75mg/gel) and betaine.


The Real Fruit Energy gels have a slower absorption and a longer lasting effect compared to the Isotonic Energy Gels. Therefore they would have to be taken a bit earlier or during not too intense stages of the race/workout. The Real Fruit Energy gels have an excellent and intense fruity flavor.

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