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A comprehensive list of essential products and tools, personally selected and reviewed by Dr Ferrari for athletes to perfect and enhance their training and racing


iBike NEWTON Powermeter

Already fifteen years ago I thought (only thought, alas) it could be possible to create a powermeter simply by extrapolating the data from speed, the gradient of the climb and the weight of the cyclist .


The iBike Newton powermeter measures the wattage on all kind of routes using technology derived from Formula One motor racing: analyzing the flow of the wind, the speed and acceleration of the bike, the weight of the athlete and materials, the characteristics of asphalt and tires, it calculates the instantaneous power expressed by the cyclist with great precision.


I've been using an iBike NEWTON 5 for about 3 years and appreciated the versatility, the lightness and precision that I was able to check by comparing data with other devices (Power-Tap, SRM). The differences are minimal (around 2%) and the reproducibility of measurements more than reliable.


A short (10 min) ride for calibration is necessary every time we enter new parameters (weight, change of wheels, etc.).


Compared with direct powermeters, which measure the micro deformation of materials (hubs, cranks, pedals, bottom brackets), the NEWTON has a 1-2 second delay, which is irrelevant for the purposes of measuring the power output and intensity of the rider with accuracy.


The instrument provides all the information and data of other power measuring competitors, but with significant savings in weight (just 100g!) and price.

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