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A comprehensive list of essential products and tools, personally selected and reviewed by Dr Ferrari for athletes to perfect and enhance their training and racing.


Lactate Pro 2 Analyser

Just as heart rate monitors were crucial about 30 years ago, portable lactate analysers represented a revolutionary step forward in the

evaluation and monitoring of the performance of endurance athletes.


A direct measurement of lactic acid concentration in the blood allows not only to measure parameters such as AT2 and AT4 during incremental tests performed in a more natural situation for an athlete's performance (...on the road), but also to check the accuracy of the intensity during specific training sessions, suggesting any appropriate corrections.


The LACTATE PRO 2 ANALYZER, a product of the Japanese company ARKRAY with several years of experience on the market, allows for reliable measurement in 15 seconds and should therefore be present in the pockets of every serious athlete and competent coach.


Self-measurement at any time during a training session is incredibly easy, paired with the use of the ACTI-LANCE disposable lancets which are very suitable and versatile for the purpose.

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