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Kiryienka's Feat at the Giro 2011

29 May 2011

On the Colle delle Finestre, 1694m of climbing at 9%, 722m of which on dirt road, Rujano was able to improve his time done in 2005 (with Simoni and Di Luca) by 20", completing the ascent in 

1h01’29”: 1746m/h was his VAM on the asphalt part (6.02w/kg) and 1547m/h on the dirt road.


The group of the favorites climbed in 1h03’03”, with a VAM = 1704m/h (5.87w/kg) on the first part and 1506m/h on the dirt.


But Vasily Kiryienka was able to pull a massive performance: on the attack all day in the break, he managed to climb the Colle delle Finestre with the same time as the Maglia Rosa group, 1h03'03” with a VAM over the whole climb of 1619 m/h, eventually winning the stage big time.

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