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World Champs 2009 - Time Trial

24 Sep 2009

A STRATOSPHERIC Fabian Cancellara impressed everyone on the roads of his home country, summoning a performance (51.6 km/h, V2=2663) 5% higher than the second placed (Larrson, 50.3 km/h, V2=2533) and 8.8% higher than the third (Martin, 49.5km/h, V2=2450).
And all the other rivals even further down.

Imagine the same happening in a Half-Marathon World Championship (an event that is about 1h long, much like today's TT), where the second placed athlete would lose 10"/km to the winner, and finish the race with a 3' gap, with the third athlete at more than 5'... 

Perfect in his position as usual, very skilled in handling the bike, he was going at over 55 km/h on the flat parts, with cadences between 115-120RPM, pushing at least an average of 500w: after all, when developing such high power outputs the ideal cadence is above 110RPM (see article on

He even gave the impression of holding it back in the second half of the event, getting across the line in evident freshness.

He looks impressively thin, with the upper body much lighter than in the past and arms that really looked like broom sticks.
So light and powerful, he clearly becomes a favorite for Sunday's road event.

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