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Giro d' Italia 2006 - first part
By: Michele Ferrari
Published: 22 May 2006

At the Giro d Italia, absolute domination of Ivan Basso on all his rivals.

After the victory in the TTT, Ivan strongly climbed over the Maielletta (940m of difference in height, gradient of 8.4%) in 3148, expressing a VAM of 1775m/h.
Paolo Savoldelli, in rather evident respiratory troubles, climbed at 1642 m/h, that is about 8% slower than Ivan.

In the ITT a few days after, Basso rode the flat 50km at an average speed of 50.6 km/h, Savoldelli at 49.9km/h: supposing a similar aerodynamic efficiency, the difference in power output is about 3% in favor to Basso.

On the tough Colle di San Carlo (10.5km at 9.8%) Ivan bettered himself: VAM = 1820m/h, equal to 6.27 w/kg, notwithstanding the rainy conditions and the almost 2000m of altitude.
Paolo lost more than 3 minutes, with a VAM of 1670 m/h (5.75 w/kg), approximately 9% slower than his rival.

Since Savoldelli conceded an additional 5-6% in climbing performance, we can deduce a difference in body weight between the 2 riders of about 4 kg.
If this is the case, imagining a weight of 67kg for Ivan Basso, his average power output on the climb was 420 watts. Savoldelli, with a weight of 71 kg, pushed 408 watts.
A difference of 2.9% that would confirm the result we saw in the Time Trial.

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