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beetroot juice and performance
robin146, Netherlands 15 Oct 2012

Hello Ferrari,

Lately I've been reading a lot about beetroot juice. There has been some research done and there conclusion seems to be that:

"The performance boost, researchers suggest, is due to the high levels of nitrates in beetroot juice. While it's not clear how it works, they suspect that when nitrate turns into nitric oxide in the body, it reduces the amount of oxygen required to perform exercise.

If you are interested u can read a recent study done about beetroot juice here talking about watts/VO2 and increased performances in TT of 4 and 16K long: http://www.beet-it.co.nz/uploads/3/0/9/9/3099302/lansley_et_al_2011_acute_dietary_nitrate_supplementation.pdf

What is you're opinion about beetroot juice? Do you think it's useful to take when making long (4/6) hour training rides?

Thanks a lot I really appreciate it!

  drferrari, Italy 17 Oct 2012
Lansley's study shows increased TT performances , but my experience suggests prudence evaluating results on simulated races.
Many people tried beetroot before a race and intestinal troubles were frequent.
I know athletes are taking nitrate salts instead of beetroot.
In theory nitrates could be usefull also on long rides.
robin146, Netherlands 17 Oct 2012
Thanks a lot for the response!
thomas, Belgium 19 Oct 2012
Is it permitted to take nitrate salts sublingual or oral? (nitrolingual or cedocard?)

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